Our Culture

“Find your passion… then it is no longer work!”. L.A. Reid

Our culture is designed with the following key principles:

YES is a people-oriented company and we truly believe that happy and energized employees are the key to our success. We are committed towards attracting and retaining talent and follow global best practices to ensure that they build fruitful and rewarding careers with us. We strive to create a vibrant and open work environment that is employee-friendly and socially responsible. We offer a global work culture that provides opportunities for constant learning and growth, based on our culture of performance and meritocracy.

YES is proud of its culture that emphasizes employee first mind, customer centricity, teamwork, and continuous process improvement. Our culture is expressed in the values & DNA that embodies our core ideology and defines who we are. Our values are based on the foundation of unyielding integrity and acts as a compass to guide our thoughts and actions, serving as the foundation that uphold us as an organization and our pillars of success.

At YES, we price your security, privacy and confidentiality at highest value.

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