HR Analytics – COMPASS

Executives are now expected to manage and make decisions based on “facts,” and perhaps no area is scrutinized more than those that impact a firm’s workforce. Developing a culture – and capability - of evidence-based decisions requires the right infrastructure, optimized business processes, data quality & governance systems, and analytic capabilities. Today’s HR analytics tools not only enable managers to gain insights on current workforce performance, costs and services, but to also model “what if” scenarios to anticipate changes in business.

Using HR analytics to gain insights develop “what if” scenarios or lay out a series of alternative options enables firms to be prepared for any eventuality. With today’s volatile markets, being nimble is a key competitive advantage. With the right processes and analytics tools in place, HR can deliver the kinds of insights to effectively manage an organization’s workforce, performance and agility

HR Analytics gathers and Analyzes available HR data to identify insightful knowledge for The purpose of Improving Decision Making for improvising the Human Resource Function which aims at High Performance. To get the most out of your HR operations, you have to uncover insights buried in volumes of data. Chances are, your data is housed across many different systems, making it hard to get a useful snapshot of your HR business.

The challenge: measuring what matters, and using that intelligence to steer your workforce strategy. You need to know the impact of vacancies, overtime, outsourcing, recruitment and loss of critical skills. And just as important is tracking relevant risk factors, being able to see what’s coming and understand what may impact your strategy. HR must be able to turn on a dime. Our “Compass” - HCM analytics offering helps you choose technologies that will empower your leaders with tools for a fact-based, trend-spotting HR dashboard. We also help design the right architecture and implement the best systems to meet your unique needs.

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