Exit & Alumni Management Services

Every exit is an entry somewhere else.Tom Stoppard

It really costs high to Organizations (small or big) when they lose a valuable resource and especially lose it to their competition. Every organization strives to retain the best talents but it is also important that when talent leaves they don’t sign off the company permanently. That’s where our Exit and Alumni Management Services will play a huge role in making the exits comfortable and the talents who leave feel being treated with importance and respect.

Also attracting back the talent to the Organization is an important Brand Builder and also brings various benefits such as :

The major features of our exit and alumni management services are:


Manage the exits forced or voluntary / hard or soft exits professionally and also we provide consulting support and services in Exit Diagnostic studies, which helps organizations which are serious about the employees real feedbacks and ex-employees reason to leave, what could have be done to prevent good resources leaving the organization.

Alumni Database Management

Build, Manage and Create communities and activities through the Exit / Alumni Database Management.

Alumni Portal

Build, Operate and Manage the Alumni Portal to connect, create online communities, blog, create a online initiative for people to connect with the company, even after they left the company.

Alumni Analytics and Dashboards

Build, maintain and derive analytical reports and insights to the Organziation by tagging along with ex-employees and treat them with importance.

Alumni Directory

Alumni can join on line and can maintain their own contact data. Registration is linked to access to special features. The decennial panic before the reunion can be gone forever.

Alumni Magazine

Save on newsletter mailing costs by publishing your news on line. Just activate a news page and start adding articles. You can add additional themes and allocate the articles to them, e.g., sports, history of the group, the school…

Calendar of Events

Manage the calendar yourself or let alumni add their own events.

Image Gallery

Build a permanent archive of pictures and photo essays.

At YES, we price your security, privacy and confidentiality at highest value.

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