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Every year in consulting is like three years in the corporate world because you have multiple clients, multiple issues - you grow so much. Indra Nooyi

Organization Development (OD) utilizes what we know about systems, and what we know about human behavior, to plan and manage the development of organizations into thriving, growing, healthy, organic human systems that meet the needs of all their stakeholders. The foundation for sustaining organizational transformation, high performance and leadership in business is fostering effective synergy of the people's actualizing attributes and excellence in the organizational systems.

By adopting our organizational development model, tools and approaches, our organizational development consulting impacts organizational behavior holistically and sustainably through fostering effective synergy of your people's actualizing attributes with excellence of organizational attributes.

As business becomes more and more a matter of defining an organization’s mission and marshalling commitment to that mission so is fostering effective synergy of personal and organizational excellence for sustainable organizational transformation, leadership, change and performance. This is a transformational process involving the use of versatile organizational development system, model, services, tools, and solutions.

OD practitioners improve the effectiveness of an organization by applying knowledge from the behavior sciences – psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, and other related disciplines. Since its beginnings in the 1920s, the art and science of OD has accumulated a significant body of knowledge through actual OD work in organizations. With over 50+ years cumulative experience working with and within the public, private and non-Government sectors as human resource and organizational development consultants, OD Consulting team can assist in various areas.

YES – OD Consulting services includes :

Change Management

All people and organizations are constantly going through change. Change is just another word for growth – and continuous growth is the way of the world now. If you and your organization are not growing, you and it will soon be obsolete in today's world. We provide understanding and support processes to improve an organization's ability to implement change in healthy & least destructive ways.


People and organizations have their own answers. We provide the processes that help them become aware of those answers, and develop actions plans that help them get where they want to go.

Conflict Management

Differences are healthy and necessary for personal and organizational growth – but only if they are worked through to resolution. We help our clients do that, and we help them view differences not merely as problems to be solved, but rather, as the steppingstones they are.

Cross-Cultural Understanding

Today's global world requires that people understand other cultures and act with awareness and appreciation of differences. This also means that a person needs to understand his own culture and its effects on people of other cultures. We heighten self-awareness, and awareness of one's own culture and the cultures of others, as appropriate.

Emotional Intelligence

Research shows that social and emotional abilities are four times more important than mental abilities in determining professional success. All leaders need to have a high "EQ." We provide instruments that measure emotional intelligence to identify the current competencies and areas for growth, and the coaching to support that growth.

Facilitation and Group Meeting Design

Sometimes people in organizations are too close to the questions to find the answers. We provide processes that facilitate their taking a clearer, more objective view, while at the same time ensuring that they are gathering the energy they will need to implement the answers.

Some of our Niche OD Consulting Services :

Performance Development Services

Leadership Development Services

Team Development Services

Talent Development Services

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