People Delight Practices

Go to the people. Learn from them. Live with them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. The best of leaders when the job is done, when the task is accomplished, the people will say we have done it ourselves.Lao Tzu

Our HR Policies and Practices are aimed provide People Delight, hence we call it as “People Delight Practices”

To meet the ever changing and demanding challenges in managing people, YES has implemented various People Delight Practices. YES has created an open and transparent work culture, respect for every employee, open door policy, constructive debates and ideas are at the core of HR practices. YES also practices a ‘Work hard Party hard’ culture and has scheduled company events along with monthly performance awards. YES encourages every employee to think out of the box and rewards employees for their contribution towards the development of innovative tools and process reengineering methodologies. This has been the guiding force that fosters growth and satisfaction among employees.

YES has incorporated Global BEST People Delight Practices in:


YES is an equal opportunity employer. A rigorous selection and pre-employment screening process has been established which helps bring in the best talent available to provide competitive advantage to its clients. Employees are provided a clear understanding of YES’s standards of productivity, quality, and conduct which has increased efficiency, facilitated compliance with company policies and procedures, improved job satisfaction helps the company in retaining great and right talent.


YES’s continuous investment in training and development results in value creation for employees and high quality performance. YES’s training team, led by a highly experienced and passionate internal trainers from Top Management to Middle Management levels, has been instrumental in establishing valuable training programs which include technical skills and soft skills program for the employees. YES has continuously enhanced the curriculum and the learning experience by incorporating feedback and introducing new self improvement programs. We use the world famous Krick-Patrick Evaluation Methodology and follow a clear KAIZEN process in the employee Training Programs design.

Performance Management Program

YES has an objective half yearly performance evaluation process. This results in regular performance assessment and coaching of employees to help them achieve targets and improve performance. At YES, we also have Mentoring Program in line with the PMS and Mentors have added objective in their KPIs on their Mentoring success.

Continuous Learning

YES’s commitment to employee development has resulted in starting the “YES – LEAD Academy”. The YES LEAD Academy offers Training Programs, courses (developed with an ongoing training needs assessment process) to employees / clients to upgrade their technical and soft skills. ‘The YES Challenge’ is another initiative in continuous learning. It is a competition where every employee can showcase their talent of implementing a business idea. This brings out the competitive and creative skills within YES’s employees.

Rewards & Recognition

At YES, We value the important R&R – Rewards & Recognition, we have created a “LEGENDS LEAGUE CLUB”, shortly “LLC” and great achievers and High performers will be rewarded and awarded with various awards and become a member of this prestigious and exclusive Club member. YESIZENS will strive their best to become a member of this LLC as they know it is not only privilege, but it is prestigious and priceless to be part of the LLC as a Club member. YES values creativity and has institutionalized ‘Innovation awards’ for employees whose contributions have helped YES deliver continuous value addition to its clients. Other regular performance awards at YES include 11 prestigious awards with prizes ranging from Cash awards, Cetification, Sponsorship for Best Educational Programs, Trainings, Mementos etc.,

Wealth Creation

YES's intent of ‘wealth creation’ for all those who contributed to its success is evident from every policy of the company. It’s revolutionary HPIP and BPI Programs have been aimed to share the growth and revenues of the company with the employees. YES will be consistently doing this from it’s inception and would like to be a world class benchmark-able program for employees Wealth creation. Going a step further YES has plans to offer ‘Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP)’, to its Key Core team members / long serving employees in future. ESOPs create a sense of ownership among the employees and encourage them to directly relate their performance to the growth of the company.

Giving Back to the Community

“Be the Change” - Mahatma Gandhi
YES is committed to contribute towards the betterment of the community and society at large. Plans to have activities such as the Annual YES Charity trainings, Annual Blood Drives, Environment Day celebrations, Birthday Celebrations with underprivileged children will develop, among the employees, a pride of association towards the company. This will encourage them to become responsible citizens besides being better professionals.

The very nature of what we do - connecting people to jobs, training and tools that enable them to support themselves, build a sense of pride and contribute to the community - puts social responsibility at our company's core.

At YES, we price your security, privacy and confidentiality at highest value.

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