Business Process Management

We at YES have efficient systems at place for people, processes and control.

TMS (Talent Management System) - YES´s half-yearly performance management system includes performance review and appraisal for every 6 months starting from the date of joining for each Yesizen. Each individual is set performance targets and parameters for achievement. This is followed up by process update where, feedback and coaching happens. An interim mid-review is done at the 4th month to affirm direction and progress rate.

TED (Talent Enhancement & Development) - Each Yesizen is placed on a training matrix where the skills are matched on qualification and skill gaps are realized and handled through the right training intervention. Attitudes, Capabilities and personal behaviors are matched with qualification, experience, professional acumen, technological know-how to customize a YES DNA.

3E Model (Employee Engagement Excellence) - People relationships, work values, opportunities, quality of life, policies, procedures, rewards & recognition are constantly upgraded to suti people needs and keep the motivatin going.

Career Development Ladder - When an employee joins YES, they are provided with a customized Career Development Ladder after the completion of the probationary period. This provides scope for career planning for the Yesizen in concurrence with the management. Managers, team leaders and Senior managers are all consulted on the same thereby creating an all-involved agreement for effort and improvement.

Flexible Benefits Plan - an employee can design his own compensation structure within the guidelines and limits Apart from these, YES has several other people delight practices like health care initiatives, benefits, competitive CTc, recreation avenues, platforms for communication, HR score card, 5S & Six sigma for quality control, learning assistance, ESOP, super annuation, voluntary community service scheme and a lot more.

At YES, we price your security, privacy and confidentiality at highest value.

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